Landmark Timeline

June 15
The Beginning

Check out this video which has more information about the creation of the Good Table Foundation, the background of its partners and its early progress towards getting started.

July 10
Greg & Charlotte go to school

Co-founder Greg Nitzkowski and consulting partner Charlotte Kaufman spend two days training in Boston at Freight Farms’ headquarters.

July 17
Installation Day

Exciting news….shortly after we got back to Castine from our training sessions at Freight Farms, our containerized farm arrived and was installed at the future site of Good Table Foundation’s operations.  Check out this video of the installation process.

Nov 20, 2023 - Dec 10, 2024
Connecting The Farm

With the transformers now installed and the power meters activated, the contractors are pushing ahead with connecting the farm to the power grid.  They’re also hooking the farm up to the site’s new water well.

Dec 15, 2023
Normalizing Movement Explained

The Good Table Foundation had planned to do the first test grow in December and January and then begin producing deliveries by the end of their first quarter. They won’t make that time because of power delays and some weather-related operating concerns

Feb 15, 2024
How the farm works

The Good Table Foundation's Cofounder Greg Nitzkowski shares how the farm works and why they decided to use the Freight Farms product.

April 1, 2024
LED Red & Blue? First Test Grow planting.

Back at the Good Table Foundation farm, where Cofounder Greg Nitzkowski explains the reason for red and blue LED light arrays and starting their test grow on a 27-degree snowy spring day!